Fountains Hall

First, I apologise now for the overload of photos, but I got a little carried away taking photos of this beautiful building.

These photos are a mixture of LC-A and Zenit-B photos, you can really see the difference a light meter makes I think and also the effect that over exposing has on the Lomography 400 iso film - again some of the photos have a distinctively orange tinge to them but even sat next to the auto exposed LC-A photos, I still really like them.  You can also really see the texture that the Zenit B gives photos when you compare the two cameras, I still haven't figured out exactly what does this but I think its the shutter fabric...


Is it weird that this building took my breath away a little? I think this photo above really captures how grand and striking it looked in the sunshine.

Photo29_25A Photo04_0A Photo30_26A Photo37_33A Photo34_30A Photo33_29A Photo06_2A Photo32_28A Photo36_32A Photo31_27A Photo38_34A

Fountains Hall dates from around 1600 and is built partly with stone from the Abbey ruins. Although only a couple of rooms were open to the public, it was definitely worth a look around.

Location: Fountains Hall, England Cameras: Zenit B & Refurb LC-A Film: Lomo 400 & Agfa Vista 200