More Snowy photos

Because its Christmas and why not :)

I hope you're all having a wonderful Christmas time - we've been enjoying it quietly at home together in Leeds. Amazingly after 13 years of being together Thomas and I have never seen each other Christmas morning and opened presents together, and we've never had Christmas in our own place. But now we're married, it seemed like the right thing to do. So we started our day with yummy bagels and prosecco because, again, why not? We also ate a lot of cheese and biscuits... Christmas is the best right!

Camera: Canon EOS 750
Film: West Yorkshire Cameras Black and White C41 film
Location: Peak District, England

Let it snow!

Ok, full disclosure this post title is deceptive I will admit.. one because you would never hear me genuinely mean the phrase 'let it snow' unless I didn't have to leave the house at all (snow is ok if I'm suitably dressed I guess but I hate icey conditions) and two - because it is incredibly mild in the UK at the moment - so mild it doesn't even feel like Winter let alone Christmas!

These photos are actually from the end of November when the weather was acting like you would actually expect and I even braved it outside to take them - mostly because we were walking to an inside heated pool and also because I was sharing the snow excitement with my one of my favourite small humans and some of my favourite fully grown adults too.

We stayed in a lovely holiday park for the weekend in the Peak District called Darwin Forest that is similar to Center Parks with lodges and facilities like a pool, gym etc. And waking up to the snow made us almost forget we were in England, isn't it pretty!

With the tradition of the weather not acting like it should at the moment, I'm expecting to be taking my next snow photos in a freak April snow storm!

Camera: Canon EOS 750
Film: West Yorkshire Cameras Black and White C41 film
Location: Darwin Forest Park, England

Porto's Heritage Tram's


Like the tiles, these are only the first batch of photos of the tram's that I took and also like the tiles, I loooved seeing these heritage trams around Porto. According to Wikiedia, there used to be over 20 lines around the city for the trams, but now there are only a few which I think is a huge shame as they look wonderful travelling around the city.

We even went on one along the river front to the beach which was so much fun but I think those photos are on an undeveloped slide film that I still have to process, bother.

Camera: Refurb LC-A
Film: Fuji Color 200
Location: Porto, Portugal