A fisheye Christmas...

These photos were all taken on my phone with the fisheye lens held in front of it - what do you think? Not amazing but still sooooo much fun :)

We started our Christmas celebrations last weekend watching some Carol Singers in Kirstall Abbey - it was the perfect location - just a shame none of us could feel our toes afterwards!
We then wandered about the Abbey for a bit drinking Mulled wine and taking photos (of course)

And then we had an amazing christmas dinner with our friends and we made Yule Log - I can happily admit that it was delicious!

I can not wait for the next few days!

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Fisheye Lens + Snow!!

This was the fastest roll of film that I've taken with Helga (the Holga) and it was so much fun - I was definitely snap happy.

I think the best part about the lens is that it is so easy to put on and take off - half the film I took without using it and the other half I just popped it back on! Also you can take one exposure with it on and one without - check out the difference in my feet!

Best gift I've brought for myself ever!!

(Oh and I can use it in front of my phone camera and my friends could use it in front of their little digi cameras too - needless to say we all had too much fun!)