Some blog fun...

734658_10151330095201969_1854924589_n{Me in the snow last weekend, it was pretty deep}

I haven't done a blog award/tag post in a looooong time... (just over 2 years to be exact) and I decided that as I managed to get two in the past week, now was the time to pass them on. I'm going to try not to repeat myself from my previous facts, so if you want to read more about me, you can see previous random facts here.

First up is the My Favourite Things of 2012 tag from the lovely Belen, who I have been blog friends with for what feels like forever. You should head over and say hi!!

So, here goes... Favourite Makeup - My favourite makeup is actually two things, the new They're Real  mascara from Benefit (though is it that new now?). It's a bit pricey but it is worth it, I've tried a lot of mascaras and this is honestly the best I've ever used. My second new favourite is the Rimmel Just Bitten Lipstain, specifically in Crush. It looks so pretty and lasts ages. I totally blame Ashley for this, I had to get one after seeing her video on it.

Favourite Book - Hmm, I'm trying to think if I read anything new. I started Life of Pi in December, and I'm enjoying that so far but I mostly spent 2012 rereading my old favourites, pretty much every book series by David Eddings and also the 'In Death' series by J.D. Robb.

Favourite Album - I suck at picking one favourite, so instead my top 3 albums of last year Magic Hour by the Scissor Sisters (my all time fave band ever) In our Heads by Hot Chip (My all time 2nd fave) Haunted Man by Bat for Lashes. 2012 was a good year for music.

One thing that I'm grateful for - The people that I love. 2012 was a very weird year... and so many people were supportive of me and there when I needed them. I have a lot of amazing people in my life and I will forever be blown away and so grateful for them.

Greatest Challenge - Accepting myself. 2012 really was a good year to pick the word 'considerate' and I learnt that although you may be who you are because of the people around you -  you are also who you are in-spite of them and that's pretty awesome.

What are you looking forward to in 2013? - Oh gosh, what am I not looking forward to! 2013 is exciting, birthday's, hen parties, holiday's, crochet projects... but mostly, I can't wait for the Summer and to take lots of photos. Oh also, I should have my e-course ready sometime this year, I finally realised what it is I actually want it to be, so now I just need to crack on with it. Woop! This year should be good.

So, for My Favourite Things of 2012, I tag... Antonella, Clio, Jenny and Michelle. (Go say hi!)


Next up is the Liebster blog award which I received from Nancy at Little Pink Cakes who lives in Berlin.

"Liebster" is German for something like "dearest" or "favourite" and the award aims to feature small, great blogs and help them to be discovered by more people. In fact, it is no "real" award. If you receive it, you can accept it and then pass it on - a simple concept.  Means, there is no competition or application or jury or any such things.

So here are the few rules of the award:

When you receive the award, you post 11 ran­dom facts about your­self and ans­wer 11 ques­ti­ons from the person who nomi­na­ted you:

  • pass the award onto at least 3–5 other blogs and ask them 11 ques­ti­ons. Make sure you tell them you nomi­na­ted them!
  • you are not allo­wed to nomi­nate the blog who nomi­na­ted you...

11 Facts about Me

1. I absolutely love making crochet gifts, I'm currently making an awesome blanket. 2. I keep saying that I'll get a dog before I'm 30, but 30 is really creeping up now... 3. I love pickled food, pickled chilli is my new and current favourite. 4. I have a small scar on my forehead where I fell over as a toddler. 5. I know 5 people who have got engaged in the last 2 months, honestly, I'm a little freaked out by it. 6. I'm totally addicted to games on my phone and tablet. Current favourites are Temple Run 2 and Monsters Ate My Condo... they're so fun! 7. I love running. That feeling of being 'in the zone' is amazing. 8. I am always excited about something. There is so much to look forward to. 9. I still haven't found the perfect weekday breakfast... 10. I am a total sucker for a happy ending. 11. I always listen to music at work.

My answers to 11 questions...

1. Where are you right now?

At work... oops. I write most of my blog spots in my lunch and then schedule them for the next day though, so its fine.

2. If you could beam yourself, where would you go in exactly this moment?

To the beach. Always.

3. What is the thing you never forget to take with you? Except your keys. And except your mobile. And except your camera. :)
My purse. haha, perhaps that should be on the except list too. Actually though I always have my USB stick of photos with me and my passport.

4. Take the book you are reading at the moment and quote the third sentence from page 42. "You won't tell?" Jo to Laurie in Little Women. I always have this book on my phone with me for emergencies, I love it.

5. Is there a film you could watch over and over again? Which one? I watch so many over and over, but the one would be The Incredibles. I just love it.

6. How does your usual Sunday look like? A little lay in, bacon and eggs for breakfast, cleaning, doing the washing, going for a nice walk, lots of nice food, I ring my parents and then we usually watch a film before bed.

7. How many pairs of shoes do you have?

Not as many as I used too haha, which is amazing. Perhaps 12 including boots and wellies.

8. Do you have any peculiar personal rituals (such as always hanging your washed socks in pairs)? Umm, I'm not sure to be honest

9. If an alien asked you which place to visit on earth what would you recommend? Ohhh tough... everywhere! That's where I'd want to go... how could you decide??

10.What's your favourite quote? "No one needs to tell you you're in love, you just know it, through and through." (yes, its from the Matrix, I don't care, I love it)

11. Popcorn salted or sweet? Salted! I love salt, it's a problem haha. Actually for years I thought I hated popcorn as I didn't realise there was another flavour other than sweet, but now I love it and always get a big box at the cinema, yum!


So I give the Leibster blog award to... Jasmine, DawnFiona and Natalie. (More amazing bloggers, check them out!)

And my questions are... (I've borrowed a couple from Nancy as I like them)

1. If you could play any instrument, what would it be? 2. If you could beam yourself, where would you go in exactly this moment? 3. What is the thing you never forget to take with you? Except your keys. And except your mobile. And except your camera. :) 4. What is your favourite kind of cake? 5. Is there a film you could watch over and over again? Which one? 6. What word describes you best? 7. How many pairs of shoes do you have? 8. What is your favourite Pixar film? 9. If an alien asked you which place to visit on earth what would you recommend? 10.What's your favourite quote? 11. What really makes you laugh?

Ta da! That was a bit of fun for a Friday wasn't it. Have a great weekend!

p.s. Michelle from Mizhenka is giving away a 35mm Juice Box Camera - how fun!

The Versatile Blogger award!

Last week, the lovely Maddy (who loves Rock Band as much as I do, Hurray!) tagged me with The Versatile Blogger award, so I decided to share the love!

{ I try not to tag someone more than once with awards - so if you're new here, check out my awards tag to see the other 45 amazing bloggers that I have tagged in the past - they all deserve this award too! }

The rules dictate I have to share 7 things about myself, so here goes nothin':
(I totally stole Maddy's idea of putting the list on a photo...)

& now I get to share the award with 7 lovely lovely bloggers!

and... Bria

The rules are as follows:
1. thank and link back to who gave you the award
2. share 7 things about you!
3. pass it along to 7 blogs you've recently discovered and enjoy.
4. leave your recipients a note, telling them about the reward.
That was fun for a Friday :)
I'm honestly so glad this week is nearly over and we're seeing Hot Chip and LCD Soundsystem tomorrow. I am excited. And I have Monday off work, woohooo!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Happy 101 award

Firstly a massive (and mildly sheepish) thank you to everyone who left comments and tips on my last post... as soon as I hit publish and completely admitted to myself (and you) that I was struggling - everything didn't seem so bad and your comments were so uplifting and supportive.

Hidden amongst the comments was the Happy 101 award from the lovely Courtney at

Just a Little Mishap

Thank you Courtney, this was just what I needed to cheer me up and to start this week on a positive note!

Rules: List ten things that makes you happy and do one of them today. Oh. And remember to link to the person who tagged you and pass this little bit of love on to others.

I love happy lists, so here goes!

1. Seeing Boyfriend happy makes me happy! He started a new job today and when he rang me at lunch it sounded like it was going well - he deserves some good luck so yeay!

2 This little puppy is melting my heart at the moment - I seriously can not wait until we can get one (and yes I will be dressing my puppies in cute little jumpers too)

3. Homemade quorn cottage pie which was rather healthy looking until we put an unhealthy amount of cheese on top - and theres leftovers for sometime this week, yummmm!

4. The whole lace and tape section at Papermash! I looove.

5. Terry's chocolate orange, yum!

6. Kung Fu Panda

"There is no charge for awesomeness... or attractiveness..." (teehee)

7. Randomly remembering funny parts from films (including number 6) and laughing to myself, much to the bewilderment of people around me (apart from Boyfriend who knows me too well)

8. My sony E-reader... I haven't read this much in a long time and I love it.

9. Loco Roco 2 - possibly the happiest and cutest game ever!

10. Making exciting plans for this year, its going to be fun!

And some lovely ladies that I'm going to pass this onto:

Chloe from Sean and Chloe

Courtney from Green and Pretty

Soul Jane

Lise from Every Last Drop

Rogue from Little blog of Horrors

p.s. I sorted out my reader, woohoo, it is now much more managable and the thing I'm going to do is eat some Terry's chocolate orange (even if it is Boyfriend's!)