Some of the last photos I took in 2015

I still have loads of photos I haven't shared on here from last year and even more to share on Flickr too - I'm always playing catch up it seems ha. I don't mind though, they're all good photos (well I think so at least) so they're worth waiting for.

I'm pretty excited to be sharing these photos from Rodley Nature Reserve, I've taken photos there before - but every time we go I see something new to take photos of and this time was no exception.

Sometimes you get a photo that is just dumb luck - you're in the right place, you're aiming the right way, you're in focus and you're fast enough to catch that flock of geese that is about to fly right over your head in formation! You then do a little dance and shout 'I got it' very loudly in a public park haha. At least, that's what I did :)

I was very excited when it was developed to see that 1. I did indeed get the photo  and 2. Its as awesome as I thought it was going to be. Hurrah! Though I really need to get better at wiping the dust off my negatives and scanner when I scan films, I'll work on that.

So far I've already done a few days of 2 photos a day as per my 4 Simple Goals - and I'm loving it - even in this gloomy January greyness. It might be a challenge going out in my lunch break every day but at least now I have a very good reason to make sure I do go out.

Camera: Canon EOS 750
Film: West Yorkshire Cameras Black and White C41 Film
Location: Rodley Nature Reserve, Leeds


Rodley Nature Reserve

The photos that I shared yesterday using the 40p(!) Olympus OM-40 camera were taken around Rodley Nature Reserve which is only a few miles away from our house, we walked along the canal, around the reserve and then walked home, stopping off for lunch on the way - it was a pretty perfect day for trying out a new (to me) camera.

Photo21_18 {I love this house, its just as pretty in black and white don't you think?}

Photo07_4 Photo11_8 Photo09_6 Photo15_12 Photo10_7 {Bulrushes are one of my Nanna's favourites, so I had to take a photo really}

Photo16_13 Photo25_22

Location: Rodley Nature Reserve, Leeds Camera: Olympus OM-40 Film: Kodak 200

Not bad for 40p...

This camera is actually part of my 12 for 2012 series, but honestly, out of 12, I've used 8, so I think this project may be a bit of a fail.

Thomas's Dad managed to find the body of this Olympus OM-40 camera on a market for 40p. 40p!! I kid you not. He's my hero. Luckily I already had my Dad's OM-10 camera, so I just borrowed the lens from that to try this beauty out. I was a little worried about the shutter on this camera as it does seem to stick sometimes, but out of a roll of 24, 21 photos came out, so I don't think its a huge issue, though it is something I would want to try and fix before using it again.

Overall, I am really excited about these photos as playing with the aperture settings on a camera and getting close up detail shots is one of my favourite things (see my first experimentation with them here) even if I don't do it that often.

Photo20_17Photo19_16 Photo13_10 Photo08_5 Photo06_3

Hurray for f/1.4 and depth of field in close up shots. I just love love love these.I'm also fairly impressed that the £1 Kodak ISO 200 film I used to try out this camera captured the hazy light so wonderfully too. A success overall I think!

Location: Rodley Nature Reserve, Leeds Camera: Olympus OM-40 Film: Kodak ISO 200