Not bad for 40p...

This camera is actually part of my 12 for 2012 series, but honestly, out of 12, I've used 8, so I think this project may be a bit of a fail.

Thomas's Dad managed to find the body of this Olympus OM-40 camera on a market for 40p. 40p!! I kid you not. He's my hero. Luckily I already had my Dad's OM-10 camera, so I just borrowed the lens from that to try this beauty out. I was a little worried about the shutter on this camera as it does seem to stick sometimes, but out of a roll of 24, 21 photos came out, so I don't think its a huge issue, though it is something I would want to try and fix before using it again.

Overall, I am really excited about these photos as playing with the aperture settings on a camera and getting close up detail shots is one of my favourite things (see my first experimentation with them here) even if I don't do it that often.

Hurray for f/1.4 and depth of field in close up shots. I just love love love these.I'm also fairly impressed that the £1 Kodak ISO 200 film I used to try out this camera captured the hazy light so wonderfully too. A success overall I think!

Location: Rodley Nature Reserve, Leeds
Camera: Olympus OM-40
Film: Kodak ISO 200