Polaroids from the weekend...

First, I have to say that it was an absolute delight having Zoe from Ladybird Likes visit us for the weekend and even more fun helping her out with her stall on Saturday. I love it when you meet a blogger in real life and they are even nicer and lovelier in person. Also she took me for a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate in Starbucks straight away which totally won me over :)

Knowing that I had 13 films to develop from Whitby, I originally didn't plan to take any cameras on Saturday with me (gasp) but I realised I still had half a film in my Yashica Samurai, so I had to take that (obviously) and then I remembered that I still had film for my 340 Polaroid camera too (hurray), so in the end I had a lot of fun taking photos.

Unfortunately, and really it pains me to say it, I still haven't had much luck with this Fuji FP-100C film. I did a bit of research today and I think that despite leaving it for 5 minutes that I needed to leave it for much longer, so next time, I'll just have to be really patient. If I can. I ended up editing these to make them brighter.

But how amazing does Zoe's stand look. You should check out her shop. Seriously, her items are perfect and so well made, I saw at least 10 I wanted and I know that when Zoe announces her new range very soon (I got a sneak peak, its amazing) you will all love it!

p.s. I'm getting the 14 films developed today and although my purse is crying (just a little) my heart is very happy, I can't wait to see the results, woohoo!!!!