#BEDM - Dream Job


{Photo of me taking a photo by my friend Adam, thanks Adam!}

Ohhh, this is a fun post idea right?

From a young age, I always always wanted to be an interior designer - and for a year I even worked in an interior design firm as a design assistant - and honestly, I really loved it. I even got offered a job after I left university in London as an Interior Designer but... I turned it down.

Yup. Crazy isn't it? The thing is, I didn't turn the job down, I turned down living in London... if that job had been offered in Leeds, I would have accepted it faster than you can say 'woop'! But it wasn't... and after a year on placement in London, Thomas and I came out with more debt and stress than anything so we just couldn't afford it or the lifestyle. Although I don't have a job as a interior designer now, I've never regretted staying in Leeds or getting to have a house that isn't a crazy price to rent. I guess I picked having my life outside of work over my career, and I'm happy with the outcome of that still now.

So, other than finding a truly awesome interior design job in Leeds where they would ease me back into design work, let me have my creativity back and pay me fairly well (I work with CAD now, so I can still do it, I just can't find a job or anyone to give me another chance) my dream job would be something fun - something where its a bonus to get paid for doing something that I love, and right now - I think that would be taking photographs all over the world and getting the chance to share those photos - either here but really, anywhere. Maybe even put a book together about film photography around the world, who knows... theres so much potential with photography that often I'm overwhelmed by dream ideas.

Imagine if someone actually paid me to take film photographs in Japan or Italy though...  that would definitely be the dream :)

How on earth do you find a job like that??