The evil squirrel...

Photo26_26 Photo27_27

We have squirrels that visit our garden. They drive me mad as they eat all the bird food, destroy the bird feeders (the current destroyed total is 4, including one that was meant to be squirrel proof!) and get in fights with the birds brave enough to stand their ground (so far a robin and a blackbird, both are feisty so I'm not surprised).

I am definitely on the birds side - yet a couple of my Twitter friends, who don't have pest squirrels in their country (I believe, Yahoo answers did verify but that isn't exactly concrete evidence) let alone their back garden have sided with squirrels over the birds.

So we're agreeing to disagree and to keep my friends happy I took a couple of pictures of one of the evil/cute (depending on your point of view) squirrels for them to see.

I personally like that I have proof of them being thieving vandals haha.

Camera: Olympus OM-10
Film: Fuji Superia
Location: Leeds


p.s. Sorry if you do love squirrels. I'll agree that they are cute looking - but then so are mice and foxes and I don't particularly want either of those in my garden either...