My little Projecteo

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I'm so excited to be sharing this post with you today (I know, everyone says that, but I am) because this is the first time I've been approached through my blog (in five years) to collaborate with a company and their product and I've actually thought 'hell yes!' when replying rather than replying with my usual 'unfortunately this isn't a product I am interested in...'.

Good things do come to those who wait it seems.

I first heard of Projecteo when I saw them on Diana's blog Our City Lights and I know that Diana loves working with them and their various other projects and products. And I must say that I can see why - all contact with the Projecteo team has been great and they are incredibly patient too.

As a film photographer who works (and studied) in a digital field, I am fascinated by this little device as it combines both the analogue and digital worlds so wonderfully. It is a mini projector for your Instagram photos that uses a single frame of 35mm slide film to create the wheel.  This works brilliantly well as film is so sensitive to light that the tiny images on the frame still have all the detail needed to create a projection of your image and as they use real slide film, the colours are beautifully vivid and exciting. It is also so fun to see your Instagram photos in a different format rather than just on your phone.

I made a little digital Instagram video of my photo choices (there are of course photos of Harry in there haha) as well as taking film photos of the projector and so far I've really enjoyed showing it to people and sharing my photos in a more accessible way and I'm starting to think that these little projectors would make a great gift for someone.

Thanks Projecteo for contacting me and wanting to share with me, it's been a delight.

Camera: Olympus OM-10
Film: Fuji Superia 400
Product: Projecteo Mini Projector


p.s. As I mentioned before this is a collaborative post with Projecteo (my first ever and my first product photo shoot in our living room, so exciting!) however all words, photos and opinions are my own and it's been great fun to write, I hope you've enjoyed it.