Autumn Colours

Photo03_00A Photo08_4A Photo04_0A Photo15_11A Photo16_12A Photo36_32A

I decided to brave using my Zenit B in the mornings during my last week at my old job (so weird to say still!). I used so many rolls in this camera last year but after a few overexposed films my confidence with it dipped a little, so I thought that using it in the Autumn was a save bet for not overexposing the photos.

However, I shouldn't have been worried about that because it seems instead to have a sticky shutter... haha, you have to love film for its unpredictability don't you - I didn't even notice when using it, I was enjoying using it so much! At first I thought 'bother' but after a while looking at these photos, they've really grown on me.

I've missed this walk a little this week, so I'm glad that I took photos to remember it.

Camera: Zenit B
Film: Agfa Vista 400
Location: Leeds