Crafty Android apps for Crochet


Part two of my favourite apps for my new Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablet is craft apps for crochet.


One hobby that I don't share as much here is my love of crochet. If you look at my Pinterest boards or you follow me on there, I'm sure you'll have noticed that 90% of my pins are crochet patterns. So of course the first craft app I had to share here is Pinterest. The Pinterest app is easy to navigate and with the clarity this screen gives, its easy to browse and read patterns on my tablet - my tablet is now my go to device for reading online patterns over my phone and laptop!


This next app might seem like an odd choice to include in a crafty apps list - but without this app I wouldn't be able to crochet, so I feel it is essential to this list... did you guess? It's Youtube. What would I do without Youtube?! The variety of beginner crochet videos, pattern videos and stitch videos on Youtube makes crochet seem much less daunting to me and watching others is a great way to learn. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 surprised me with a great set of speakers and this combined with my little stand case (I had to get one) makes watching videos and practicing new skills so easy.


This last app is new to me - but boy am I glad I found it. Stash2go is an app that allows you to access Ravelry with easy navigation (as you can see above) to projects, favourites and the huge library of patterns available of Ravelry. Its a shame that Ravelry don't have their own app but as someone who spends a lot of time on Ravelry, I'm happy that there is a app that provides easy and quick access.

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