Feeling homesick...

I always feel the most homesick for Norfolk when I'm ill, especially for my family. So it was nice to have this roll of film with photos of Norwich that I'd forgotten about in the batch of films I got developed when we got back from Whitby. I think these might be from August, so it looks nice and sunny (which it definitely isn't here at the moment)

Photo03_0 Photo02_00 Photo04_1 Photo05_2 Photo06_3 Photo07_4 Photo09_6 Photo25_22

These are seriously making me excited about going home again for Christmas (though I am excited about Christmas already hehe) and I'm glad that I finally took one of my cameras out around Norwich too.

Oh also, I should add, if you live in the UK, this film was from Poundland! I used to get the Kodak 200 film from there but they have this Agfa Vista Plus 200 film now too and I think its pretty good, especially for a pound!

Location: Norwich (finally) Camera: Refurb LC-A Film: Agfa Vista Plus 200