Around Norwich Cathedral

It's funny, I've considered Norwich my home city since I was little, even when we didn't live there but I had no idea that the area around the Cathedral was called Cathedral Quarter. I guess it makes sense though... whatever its called, it is pretty. I think I want to live there one day.(Also not pictured as it was too tiny was a lady playing with a pug puppy in the park... so I definitely want to move there haha)

I'm going to count the number of door/door way photos I have on Flickr now I think... I see a trend. I just can't help myself.

Location: Cathedral Quarter(!), Norwich
Film: Agfa Vista Plus 200
Camera: Refurb LC-A

p.s. I got a bit bored of Whitby so I thought I'd shake it up a bit this week and then share more Whitby photos next week. Why not :)