The first photos of 2012...

It seems only fair to follow the last of 2011's photos with the first of 2012's don't you think?

Last weekend we went for a wander around Leeds and I took some photos with my LC-A. I love the results with the Ilford XP2 film and I'm glad that I've started to use it more in different cameras - I think I will use it with my Superheadz next which is a very exciting thought!


I got so excited seeing this, amazingly on a road that I've walked down many times...


This camera is still a steep learning curve for me - at one point I had it on the wrong ISO setting,  though that didn't ruin anything luckily. Also, I'm a bit worried I'm covering the light meter with some photos as a couple of them turned out like this on both this roll and my last one...  Needless to say, my mental checklist of things to check when taking a photo is a little longer now, but I'm happy with that if the results are like this.

I love Leeds, sometimes I forget how amazing it can look.

Camera: Refurbished LC-A
Film: Ilford XP2 ISO 400
Location: Leeds, England