Paris in film: Lomo X-Pro Part II

In my last post about this film, I said that I didn't like it - and considering that I've been looking at these photos since September when we delevoped them, I can say that is still true. However I find myself in the same position with these photos as I was before... I love the composition and the content, but that green tint... ick.

I know I could Photoshop them and I might try on a few, but it seems silly to do that when I chose to use a cross-processed slide film, you expect colour shifts, I just didn't expect to not like it lol.

These photos are my favourite from the film I used in my Yashica Samurai.

p.s. I still have some Paris photos to share, are you bored yet? I took so many...

Camera: Yashica Samurai
Film: Lomography X-Pro
Location: Paris (yeay)