Much Love Monday: Paris

This week is going to be dedicated to Thomas's photos in Paris here on For the easily distracted... I've said it before but he does take amazing photos and he managed to take over 1000 in Paris (which is about 300 more than me I might add...)

I love our little photography dates - Thomas with his digital camera and me with (one of my) film cameras and Paris was like a giant week long photography date. It was so much fun!

I actually got a bit carried away watching Thomas take photos this time - he sees the world differently to how I do (for one he's a lot taller than me) and a lot of the time he captured things that I didn't even see or things that I didn't want to photograph but kind of wish I had after seeing his photos... a lot of the things he noticed that I didn't was the amazing and varied grafitti around the city.

We could both see how so many amazing artists have been inspired by Paris in the past, there was creativity and art everywhere (and hearts!) and it was so easy to take photos all day long...

So today I love Thomas, I love his photos, I love Paris, I love how different cameras suit different people, I love seeing things from different points of view and I love art and inspiration being everywhere around us.

Photographer: Thomas
Camera: Sony H7
Location: Paris, France

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