Along the canal with my Sardina...

Our apartment was just a short walk away from the St Martin Canal in Paris... the area was perfect - exciting, bustling and it offered a different side of the city away from the tourism and the distractions of the centre.

On the Sunday morning we decided to walk along the canal and I'm so glad we did - there was so much happening around it in comparison to the canal here in Leeds... people playing ping pong, working out, walking their dogs... It was active yet strangely relaxing at the same time.

Although I had been to Paris before when I was 14, this trip was completely different and although I knew I would love our visit, I didn't expect to love Paris as much as I did... especially the area around the apartment. I'm so glad I took so many photos because everytime I start to feel like I'm forgetting what it felt like to be there, I just look at them (which is fairly often) and I remember so much more.

Location: St Martin Canal, Paris
Camera: La Sardina Sea Pride
Film: Lomography Colour Negative iso 400

p.s. you can see a few of my favourite photos from along the canal on Everything Reminds Me of You as part of Elle's La Sardina review posts - theres even pink in one photo and I like it a lot!

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