His and Mine, He and Her... something like that: Paris Edition

This post had been far too much fun for me to put together it has to be said, but here are our 'his and hers' photos of Paris's various monuments and details. As we were always together there are a lot of photos of the same thing but they still give such a different perspective of how we both look at things.

Thomas's photos are on the left and mine are on the right.

A mandatory action shot to start...

"How rude..."

The Arc de Triomphe

A space invader...

The beautiful lamps around the city.

The amazing Metropolitain signs

The Autumn leaves...

and just the once - we took almost exactly the same photo... I actually thought we would have had more similar ones but I think we both tried very hard not to take the same photos as each other.

Thank you Paris for being the best location for a week long photography date!