A new phone means... camera apps!

You would think as someone who uses mostly film that I wouldn't be interested in camera apps that recreate the look of retro cameras... but I've always loved the look of Instagram and Hipstamatic - especially Naomi, Nicole and Katrina's photos - its such a great way to capture fun memories without worrying about the cost or if something might go wrong developing, or you've left the shutter on B instead of N...

And now I have my own to play with - hurray!

Here are some photos that I've been experimenting with this morning whilst waiting for the bus and walking to work.

Admittedly it's an android and not an iphone - and after trying a number of camera apps yesterday there is only one I really like - Vignette - some of them look better aesthetically than others and some were just terrible but I'm quite taken with the final results of Vignette - especially the grungy instant transfer one frame.

What do you think of camera apps? I would love to know - I can't wait to use this phone to finally upload fun snapshots onto twitter - even if it just an amazing sandwich!

p.s. thinking about it I used to use Poladroid and Rollip all the time when I first started blogging, its not much different... sometimes I just need to take photos whatever the camera.

Location: my walk to work just outside Leeds
Camera: HTC Desire Camera with Vignette App.
Effect: Grungy Instant Transfer 1 frame with either the toy camera, portra or velvia effect

(I think these will be my top 3 choices)