Around the Abbey with my family...

With Kirkstall Abbey being so close to our house, it is nearly always the first place that we take people when they come to visit and Friday with my Grandparents was no exception.

I always love looking around the Abbey with different people and different cameras as I always look at it a little bit differently and using my phone camera (and Vignette app) I got to pick up a lot more details of the abbey than I would have done with my Lomography cameras.

Luckily the weather held out for us whilst we were walking around (you can see we're all wearing coats in case of rain lol) and we got to see the Abbey in its full glory!

p.s. I kind of love the over the top light leaks that this app gives - I never really get those with my fim cameras and I'd probably not be entirely thrilled if I did - but it definitely has a certain charm when used with these photos. I'm having far too much fun with this app!