My name is Katie and I am easily distracted...

Hi my name is Katie from Curating Cuteness and I am easily distracted by...

…my crafting hobbies! Seriously, once you pick up something, it's a never-ending journey of discovering new crafts to dabble in! Here are some of crafty things that are going on my to-do list (I admit, some have been there forever).

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Crochet a pillow case.

Sew up a doll.

Paint in watercolors.

Knit a pair of socks.

Repurpose a vintage piece of furniture/clothing.

Learn to make gemstone jewelry.

Shoot some b&w film. (No, this really isn't a craft hobby but I just couldn't resist adding this to the list, considering that I just picked up a vintage Yashica!)

What are some crafts (or non-crafts, doesn't matter!) you've been wanting to try?

Katie from Curating Cuteness