My name is Gali and I am easily distracted...

My name is Gali (and cloned here) and I am
rather easily distracted by predictably the same things all the time,
all the while wishing that I would get distracted by writing my
doctoral thesis... alas that never seems to happen. But hey,
distractions are good, they're a good way to stay sane.

Things to get distracted by...

...culinary experiments.

(making raw "sushi" using cauliflower "rice")


(Arbre de Judée - Judas Tree. In bloom right
after all the lovely yellow Mimosa is gone.)

...other things that distract me so much that I forget to clean the
dust off the scanner.

(Chinon CX.)


(Juhannus on Jeju-do.)

...soviet bricks that still will follow me everywhere.

(Zenit-E/Agfa100 - les calanques - January 1st, 2011.)

...happy accidents.

(Chinon CX/Fuji200 - Christmas dinner.)!