My name is Susan and I am easily distracted...

by music.

Every part of my day has a soundtrack, be it radio, my iPod, Spotify, in concert halls, film soundtracks, car CD player. I absolutely love photography and enjoy blogging over at Eye to the Viewfinder, but music will always be my first love.

I almost always have my Diana Mini in my bag, It’ s the perfect size to whip out at a moment’s notice, be it to take a sneaky shot at a show, or to snap a busker on the pier. I get very distracted by buskers, especially around the main shopping areas in Dublin. I can easily pass half an hour listening to them (the good ones),

I used to spend hours playing the piano when I was younger, mostly to avoid studying, but time would slip by without me even noticing. I don’t have the time to practice for hours anymore, but I still love retreating into my bubble, on the piano stool, with music on the page just waiting to be played.

I’ m so distracted by music that I get to work with it all day long, and hear beautiful live music.

Eye to the Viewfinder