My name is Sarah and I am easily distracted...

My name is Sarah from Live in Imagination and I am easily distracted by the beauty in nature.

I really enjoy being outside observing nature. I am most distracted by trees and flowers. I love trees and the way that each one is different yet they are still beautiful. Here are a few pictures of my favorite trees.

I am even distracted by the trees without leaves. I think those are my favorite, maybe because they are the only type of trees I can draw.

Flowers are also unique and visually striking. I could spend all day in my mother’s flower garden; it’s the perfect place to read a good book. Here are some of my favorite flowers.

I love the vibrant colors and details visible in these flowers.



My name is Brittni and I am easily distracted...

Hi there!

I am so happy to be guest posting while Rhianne is off enjoying herself! My name is Brittni and I am a 23 year old girl with a teaching certificate and no permanent teaching job (yet!). My blog is all about life and  personal style. Stop by and say hello!

Now on to the post topic- what distracts me.
Rather.. what doesn't distract me?
I also am easily distracted like Rhianne.

When I have something important to do,
these are the things you can find me doing instead:

Talking to my dog. Man's BFF, Chip. 

Engaging in random crafty endeavors: sewing, crocheting, etc.


Scouting out sparkley lovelies such as these.

You can also find me browsing on Blogger, Pinterest, and of course Anthro!

My name is Erin and I am easily distracted...

Hello, Rhianne's lovely readers! I'm Erin from Pughs' News, and I'm happy to be here keeping you company while Rhianne takes a little holiday.

If you've ever visited my blog {and I'd love it if you did}, you'll know that I am a list girl. They help to keep me organized, and writing them just makes me happy! Today I'm making a list of the things that distract me on a regular basis.

Dreaming of Paris

Reading good books

A cup {or two} of tea

Writing letters {and watching my mailbox for replies!}

Fresh cut flowers

Memories of London {where hubby's from}

Collecting quotes... isn't this one perfect?

My noisy, adorable boys

There's more {I am very easily distracted}, but those two I just mentioned are demanding my attention! I'd better go see what's up.

Come visit me at Pughs News sometime soon, and we'll chat...

Erin xo

All images above via my tumblr, another daily distraction!