My name is Ashley and I am easily distracted...

First I want to thank Rhianne for the guest-posting opportunity - hope you're having a lovely time in Poland!

I'm Ashley from These Hours...and I'm (very) easily distracted. "Hi, Ashley."

As I sat down to write about what distracts me I began to realize how much harder it was than I thought - I'm distracted by pretty much everything. So, in true Ashley form I made a top five list of things that both distract and inspire me. Then, seeing as how I couldn't bear to leave anything off I thought that I would just share the list with you all!

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1. Books


I've come to terms with this addiction - there are worse ones I suppose. I have a shelf that is almost literally tilting due to the tons of books I try to stuff in there. And now that I have Kindle on my phone it's only gotten worse. Hey, now work isn't all that boring anymore!

2. Cameras


Oh, the photographer's financial downfall: cameras. Any time I walk into a thrift shop I'm silently praying I find a new one in my price range. And, don't tell anyone, but sometimes I'm also silently praying I can think of a way I can sneak out the cameras I can't afford!

3. Marie Antoinette


Let's face it, the French may have hated her, but any girl who loves cake and fashion has got to have some good in her, right? Okay, fine, but I still can't help but fall in love with her fashion sense...

4. Taking Photos


I probably should have only left one photography-related subject on the list, but this is a big distractor. And here's how it normally goes down:

1. The boyfriend and I are going to car to go somewhere. 2. I see something photo-worthy. 3. I run back inside to grab my camera. 4. The boyfriend whines as I'm snapping away and saying, "No, really! One more picture and I'm done! Promise!"

5. Nature


I absolutely love being outdoors. I'm not saying it's true, but I might have been a wood-nymph (or maybe just a squirrel) in a past life. There's just something about the way the wind blows through the trees or the soft patches of sunlight that makes its way down to the forest floor that causes me to lose all sense of time. If I could I would build a small home, full of cameras and Marie Antoinette-inspired things, right in the middle of a quiet forest. :)

So, there's my top five list of things that cause me to not get any work done whatsoever. What's yours?