My name is Adeline and I am easily distracted...

Hello Easily Distracted Readers! I'm Adeline of Lady Croissant here and I'm super happy to be posting here while Rhianne is wandering the streets of Krakow and taking amazing photos.

One of the reasons why I started following Rhianne's blog is our mutual addiction for Lomography. I was on vacation in New York just a few weeks ago and took (only) four cameras with me to shoot my constant amazement. First time ever in the Big Apple, I'm pretty sure you can all picture how exciting it was. I read Rhianne was looking for guest bloggers the day I went to pick up my photos. I immediately thought that'd be a pretty neat post so here they are! Hope you enjoy them

To begin with, three shots taken with my Diana Mini

And below, three shots taken with my Super Sampler

Coney Island = magic!

Thanks for having me and have a beautiful day

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