It's finally Friday!!
Which means tomorrow is Saturday and we are going to Poland.
Tomorrow. eep.

I am soooo excited (despite the 6.30am flight...) and honestly I can't wait to not be at work for a whole week. As if to prove that I need a break - this week has been mental at work - I've been too busy to post two days (boo) and even now my list is longer than my arm (perhaps a slight exaggeration...) however I will finish it all up and that's it. I am out of here!

Luckily some incredibly gorgeous ladies volunteered to guest post for me over the next week so my little blog will be well looked after and you will see some amazing posts - I love the variety and creativity already :)

I'll try and pop in - I'll be updating twitter occasionally I imagine...

but for now, happy weekend and I hope you all have a wonderful week!

I almost can't wait to get back just to share it all with you :)

p.s. thank you for all the lovely comments so far about Poland, don't worry we are taking big coats and hats - its going to be chilly!