Breaking down that brick wall...

I'm finally getting around to sorting out my blog tags and reacquainting myself with my blog - it's been so fun going through my old posts.

I thought I would share a few of my favourites with you... I like the idea of getting to know people better so we might as well start with you getting to know me better :)

(the post that pretty much converted me to loving yellow...)

(and today, I feel like this too...)

I think that will do for now don't you?

I'm still completely overwhelmed that alot of these posts are over a year old - where has the time gone? Does time move differently when you hit 25 (faster...that is...)?

p.s. this has helped with the bloggers block a little, I like my blog lol...

p.s.s. Why was I so unorganised with my tags?!?!