Celebration is everything...

I'm not really one for quotes...
but on Sunday night we saw Tony Allen doing a gig in Leeds and he said...

"Celebration is everything. Every day is a celebration."

I liked that, alot...
So today I am celebrating...

~my amazing family and friends ~
~ crying at sad movies ~
~ finally sorting out our front garden ~
(though not the persistant resulting back pain...)
~ counting down the days til Poland ~
~counting down the days until Halloween! ~
(um, yum!)
~Flapjacks ~
~ currrently winning my continuous battle with climbing weed ~
~ autocad not crashing on me (yet) today ~
~the photoswap blog slowly coming together ~
~ being brave and emailing people I would never have thought of emailing before ~
~ my hair finally being long ~
(even the white ones)
~ enjoying my blog again, hurray!~

I think celebration is my new favourite word!
(though I still love 'lovely')