Who I am...

Inspired by these two lovely ladies: Sara and Sanchez
(please check out their posts - they really are beautiful)

I am 24 but sometimes I feel an awful lot older.
I still get asked for ID though which annoys me.

I am a daughter and a big sister...
no matter how far away I live from my family.

I am in love...
I would not be who I am without him.

I am technically an Interior Designer
but I haven't designed anything properly in over a year
I try not to think about it...

I am easily excited and short
I like both of these things about me.

I am impatient.
I want to travel, have a garden and get a kitten now.

I am not sure what I want to do in the future.
I am looking forward to it though.

I am happy.
Even when I am sad.

p.s. Also, I am overwhelmed by the amount of people reading my little blog - Hi to Judy, Janis, Christie, Buhdoop, Buzzybee68, Kimberly, Eadaoin and B is for Brown who mysteriously turned up over night!

(those without links if you have a blog then let me know)
p.p.s Yup the picture is of me sinking in the sand :)