20 Facts about Boyfriend and Me...

I saw this at A 'Cheery' Disposition and inspired by Adele's 'Things that Make Ian and Adele, well, Ian and Adele' I decided that now was the time to share a few snippets about us!!

I was originally going to do ten but as I got my 20th follower (oh my gosh...) I decided to celebrate!! Thank you so much to everyone who follows (and reads!) my blog - I really can't believe it! Hope you enjoy these facts!

  1. We met at College
  2. We were both very shy and had to be coherced into talking to each other
  3. He was the coolest boy from his high school and I was one of the geekiest girls from mine
  4. We went to two different universities
  5. I had a bit of a Bella breakdown when he first went away (not my best moments...)
  6. ...which is why I'm on team Edward!
  7. We spent 3 years long distance
  8. Now we struggle with a couple of days apart
  9. We have been together longer than all of our friends who are getting engaged/married...
  10. We have had 4 homes together
  11. and we have loved each one!
  12. He loves cats and I love dogs
  13. I love High Fidelity because it reminds me of when Boyfriend made me mix tapes
  14. We still have the first ones in my Hifi
  15. Now he makes me mix CD's
  16. He is great at getting up in the morning... I really am not!
  17. I still get excited when I get a text message/email/phone call of him
  18. We love going out to eat (possibly too much)
  19. We are both addicted to Rock Band
  20. He is better at it than me...

Hi especially to Gabby and Shelby! Check out their blogs!