Things I've learnt from blogs this week... and a day off!

Yeay so its finally Friday and I am not at work today - in fact I'm not even at the computer right now :) hopefully I am in Ikea stocking up on christmas items, or maybe even bowling or eating some amazing food, huzzah!!

You see two of my best friends (mentioned here and here) are coming up to visit for a long weekend so we are having an action packed, fun filled, ikea visiting, karaoke singing, long weekend with them!! Woo!! Expect some fun pictures next week (I hope!)

  1. Plates really are pretty and fun.
  2. Did you know Anna Faris has pugs? And they are adorable!
  3. Next halloween I am making these - with faces carved in
  4. Someone else had already done this... I'm going to do it anyway!
  5. Some more pretty yellow pictures...

I hope you all have wonderful, fun weekends! See you next week!