Our newest toy...

My Dad is one of my favourite people in the whole world so really he didn't have to give lend me his old camera as I would still love him, but boy I am glad that he did!!

So here it is our new (old) camera to play with: An Olympus OM10 SLR camera from 1979 - this camera is older than me!

(sorry this isn't a great picture)

I'm really surprised I haven't blogged about this sooner as I am completely in love with this camera: I love how it looks, how heavy it is, how the dials make little noises when you turn them and the fact there is still half a film in there from who knows when - I'm so excited to finish the roll and see what the photos are!

p.s. Sorry this isnt a post about our weekend - Gee still has the photos :)

p.s.s. The wonderful Cassie is promising a giveaway at 100 followers and she only has 14 more to go. As one of the lovely ladies featured on Diamond in the Rough you know that you want to follow her! x