Tags and Awards!

{Are these the same thing? Probably... Either way I love getting them and sharing the love!}

First up I have been awarded the Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award (what a great name) from Rebecca at Daydreams in Lace - a fellow UK blogger - Thanks Rebecca! Check out her lovely blog. I have to pass it on and tell you ten things about myself

I have also been tagged by Sanchez from The Inky Finger Files to list 7 things about myself. As well as being the inspiration behind my Who I am... post, Sanchez also has a collection of other bloggers Who I am posts in her sidebar - you should definitely check them out too!

So here are the 10 facts about me:
  1. I used to bite my nails really badly but someone recommended OPI Nail Envy to me and I have had long nails for 3 years now - I'm proud of this!
  2. I love wearing socks - even in the summer - I like having warm feet.
  3. I hardly ever wear skirts.
  4. I used to wish I wore them more but I like my jeans too much.
  5. I'm allergic to most fish.
  6. I am addicted to risotto at the moment - I eat it everywhere.
  7. I love catching up with Twitter in the morning (I'm so sad!)
  8. I secretly fancy Alexander Skarsgård (Eric from True Blood) he's not even really my type, but oh my, he is yummy (and I just found out he went to Uni in Leeds?!)
  9. I like being busy and having alot to do.
  10. I can be quite bossy.

So there we go, I would have done 17 facts but I always feel like I'm repeating myself or I'm running out of interesting things to say... so 10 it is....

and I'm going to pass the award onto these fabulous bloggers!
P.S. Hello to my latest followers: Thegirlcalledbo, Hello Sweet World, O'Reilly Ink and Rachael - Sorry I haven't looked at your blogs yet, I will soon I promise (in fact that goes to everyone who follows me and has commented recently - I'm a bit behind, sorry!)