Ohhh, you're my best friend...

{Post title sung in Queen fashion is required...}

I adore my friends! It has to be said and even though I don't see them enough
I miss them all everyday.

One of them (yup thats her in the photo above!) in particular totally made my day week, month on Sunday when she emailed me to let me know she had added her trial 35mm film from her first ever camera (wow) to the photo swap flickr page. How awesome is that?! Not only did she dig out her first camera but she's using it in the photo swap - I love her :)

Anyway, enough gushing, here are my favourite photos from the big blue camera...

Aren't they lovely? Pop over to the flickr page to see for yourself, perhaps even leave her some love - then maybe we could make her day between us!

Ohhh, I am so excited about the Photo Swap now, aren't you? Yeay!

{all photos in this post taken by GeeGee Flickr}