Little letters to some lovely ladies...

{Image by Faded*Plains}

I cannot get enough of these little letters... I hope you aren't getting fed up of them...

Dear Nicole,
I'm so glad your parcel arrived ok, I am so excited that we are blog friends and thank you so much for emailing me, they always make my day :)

Dear Diana,

I love love love your shop!

Dear Paulina and Wendy,
Just the idea of a tea party is so amazing, I can't imagine how excited I will actually be when this happens! hehe!

Dear Adele,
I'm a teeny bit jealous of your polaroid camera but please take more as they are so pretty.

Dear Sara,
Thank you for letting me know the time where you are, since I started blogging I've been fascinated with the time differences between bloggers. Oh and I loved your post today!

Dear Marisa,
Thank you so much for buying some of my prints! I was super excited about it all weekend!

oh and...

Dear Photoswappers,
You have two weeks to finish your roll of film/ disposable camera and get it in the post.
I can't wait to see the results!!


Dear readers/followers (old and new),
Hurray that you are here and reading my posts.
I still can't really believe it...
Thank you.

Love Rhianne x