'Its Wednesday... I'm in Love'

{perfect picture - fountaincoke on flickr}
I've lost count of the number of times I've fallen in love with my boyfriend... just as I think I can't love him any more he says or does something that makes my heart flutter.

If he didn't already have my heart yesterday I would have thought that he was a man after it!

We were sitting on the couch talking about weddings (happening a bit at the moment, which is bizarre as neither of us really want to get married yet, I blame all our friends getting married!) and I said that I loved the photobooth idea and he said...

"Wouldn't it better to have someone go round with a polaroid camera? Then people could write things underneath the photo and we could stick them on a wall."

Eeep!! Yes it would! That sounds perfect to me :)
(I hope he doesn't read this now - its a bit embarrassing when you get caught gushing...
how cute is he for coming up with that himself though !)