Birthday card (Helen)

After looking at some illustration blogs I decided that it was time for me to start drawing again. I haven't drawn for fun in what feels like 4 years (uni wasn't for fun...) but what to draw? I settled on drawing a birthday card for one of my friends Helen. She loves elephants and when we were living in London I took her to see Hanson at the Koko... so I thought I would combine the two!

After scanning the drawing I thinned out the top black line (I got a bit too enthusiastic) and added the text - my handwriting is awful, so I thought a nice font would look better. I then experimented with adding some grey to give it a bit more depth

And this one I did for me - mainly because I wanted to colour something in, hehe.

Boyfriend wasn't too keen on this one (maybe because of the pink?) but I love it!