Lonely Werewolf Girl

I love the library - it is a place of wonder and hidden worlds. I also love picking up random books that look interesting and taking the risk. It doesn't cost me anything and who knows, I might find a hidden gem.

I'm not really sure why I picked up Lonely Werewolf Girl by Martin Millar this weekend - I already have 3 books I need to read at home - but something about the cover appealed to me, it was edgy and cool - to be honest, apart from the title it looked a little out of place in the sci-fi and fantasy section. The cover of the book reflects upon the story - although it is about werewolfs (and elementals) there is nothing fantastical about it - it is a realistic portayal of what it might be like for werewolfs in a modern time.

Once I started reading I was hooked despite my initial reservations of drug abuse within the story. The characters are intriguing: troubled yet likeable, the plot is complex and carefully woven together so that each chapter is a thrill and each storyline is compelling enough to make you want to read more. Compared to other books within the genre, Lonely Werewolf girl is a refreshing and welcome change and I look forward to discovering more about Martin Millar's work, especially The Good Fairies of New York.