I'm really quite new to blogging and the blogging world and honestly - I find it quite challenging. In one sense it is hugely rewarding, I have found things I like and I have realised more about my tastes in fashion, design, cupcakes, books, films - everything. I have discovered blogs that are windows into life's letting me experiencing things I have not even imagined - farming, crafts, marriage, babies... Yet despite all that when reading other peoples blogs, there are still undertones of negativity.

Reading other peoples blogs have inspired me to be more creative, adventurous and loving... so I find it difficult when other people have negative reactions or words towards things that I find charming and inspiring. I wish that I was braver, that I could comment on other peoples blogs - to tell them that I love reading them, I feel inspired by them and I hope they keep blogging, yet the negativity in me - my own worries and insecuritites - stops me.

How is that some peoples negativities can drive them to say hurtful things, yet mine stop me from saying nice things?