I have had far too much exciting news this weekend and this might just push me over the limits of my exitement!! Eeeeeee!!

Debbie Bryant of Debbry531's Flickr Page fame - all the way back in February has a blog and a website! More places to look at her glorious photos and read about her gorgeous dogs!

I wish now that:

  1. I had a puppy
  2. I lived in the US so that I could take my puppy to be photographed by her!
  3. I had thought of a name like Thank Dog - genius.

I am so excited about the opportunity to see more of her photos and I feel really inspired for when I eventually get my own dog (and posh camera) I really hope that her photography goes well and I can not wait for her next blog update. Eeeeeeeee!

Update: Found a link on her blog to Shine Pet Photos Blog - Eep!