Leeds Through Their Eyes: Paul

It's been a while since I featured someone else's photos of Leeds here but I was fortuitous to see Paul from Reece Photography photos on Twitter recently. And luckily for all of us he said yes to being featured here too! Thank you so much Paul.

One of my favourite things about photography is that it really shows how people see things so differently - the things I choose to photograph in Leeds are different to someone else's and the way they capture it too, is different again. I love these differences and that photography allows us to express them. 


What do you think so far? If Dianne showed Leeds as dirty - Paul 100% shows Leeds as brutal - yet there is a softness there too, of the people who move through the brutality and even thrive in it. I love both sides of Leeds and how Paul has managed to capture that so wonderfully too.

If you love these, please do check out Paul's website Reece Photography. Paul is also on Twitter and Instagram too, so have a look! 

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These photos are used with Paul's permission so please do not reuse them.


Leeds through their eyes: Dianne

I love seeing how others take photos of Leeds with film cameras, so I was incredibly excited to see Dianne's photos of Leeds on her blog and when I asked if she minded me sharing her photos here, she said yes. Huzzah!

Dirty Leeds Dirty Leeds Dirty Leeds Dirty Leeds Dirty Leeds Dirty Leeds

Dianne named these photos Dirty Leeds and that in particular made me laugh - I often forget just how industrial and downtrodden areas of Leeds can be, but I think Dianne's caught it perfectly.

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Photographer: Dianne Tanner
Camera: Mamiya 135EF

These photos are used with Diannes's permission so please do not reuse them.


Leeds through their eyes: Chris aka I <3 Minox

It's not very often that I share others peoples photos on here, but every so often I stumble upon something so inspiring and exciting, something I just can't stop looking at, that I just have to share it on here with everyone.

So today I am featuring some of the most amazing film photos of Leeds that I've seen in a long time, taken by Chris Wrightaka I ♥ Minox on Flickr. As well as capturing the beauty of Leeds architecture, Chris also captures the people of Leeds with his Olympus OM cameras and black and white Ilford film producing stark yet emotive photos.

I love living in Leeds and I often think that I should explore the city further and take more photos. Chris's photos remind me that actually, you don't have to go far to find amazing photos, in fact they are right underneath your nose and sometimes you just need a fresh pair of eyes to remind you.

If you have time, definitely check out more of Chris's photos on his Flickr photostream, you will not be disappointed.

~ All photos taken by Chris Wright and used with his permission, so please do not reuse them. ~