Thank goodness its Friday!

Honestly, I've never been so glad... the week did not start well and it went down hill from there. We don't have much planned this weekend other than the football, I'm oddly excited about it this year...

I completely missed Lauren's fill in the blanks last week so I decided to do them this week, here goes!

1. My dream vacation would be travelling around Europe and visiting everywhere. I want to see everything.
2. The best trip I've ever taken was Edinburgh. It was our first trip together away somewhere amazing and I want to go back!
3. The most important items to take on a road trip are I mostly agree with Lauren – good music, snacks and plenty of water.
4. The next trip I'm looking forward to is KRAKOW!!!
5. If I had to pick one CD to listen to for a long road trip it would be probably one of the ones that Thomas made me.
6. The biggest disaster I've ever encountered while traveling was we were in a bus crash at school, it wasn’t really that bad though, I haven’t had many travelling disasters luckily.
7. My favorite traveling memory is always going to be travelling to my Grandparents at Christmas when we were younger, we used to have a competition of who would see the most houses with Christmas lights. I always loved Christmas at my Grandparents.

And here are some amazing links from this week.
  1. Kat's thursday treats - honestly every link is a gem - especially the yellow and the balloons. Happy sigh.
  2. Some rather amazing black and white photos
Is anyone doing anything excited this weekend? I can live vicariously through you :)

Happy weekend!

Dear Friday's...

I have missed you!
I've missed the routine...
I've missed the blanks...
and I've really missed sharing links...
its been too long and I want my blog back!

{inspired as always by the lovely lauren}

1. The very best thing about the summer is beer gardens… I have no idea what this says about me but I love going to a pub and sitting with friends having a nice cool drink and chatting about everything… it isn’t even warm enough for that here yet though… boo.

2. My first crush ever was Taylor Hanson – can you believe he’s married with like 4 kids now?? He’s still dishy I must admit but he’s a bit skinny for me now – I saw Hanson a couple of years ago when we were living in London and he was sporting the skinniest jeans I’ve ever seen… ever.

3. This may sound really silly but… I was really loving the idea of decorating a house and buying things for it that I knew would stay there for a while… I might be avoiding design blog’s at the moment whilst I get over it.

4. I squeeze my toothpaste from the bottom but Thomas squeezes from the top – it annoys me.

5. My absolute favourite "comfort food" is – I have no idea anymore – before we gave up sugar it would have been chocolate or cookies but my taste buds are totally different now… I’m going to go with Chilli – I really love that at the moment…

6. A random fact about me is that I am really not that cool... I don’t think I ever have been…

7. The one piece of technology that truly makes my life better and I couldn't live without is my phone.

And here are some amazing links for you, I added a few extras as its been a while - hurray!

  1. A rather amazing engagement photo shoot - I wish I had thought of it!
  2. Gorgeous Diana photos of dogs - I need a dog.
  3. I love Seinfeld!! (believe it or not... I'm not home...)
  4. I wish what was in my bag looked like this...
  5. I love art and this cake is amazing!
  6. A happy yellow montage with a great quote
Oh and I nearly forgot, giveaway winners!

First a massive thank you to all of the lovely shops involved, they really are amazing and if you have a chance please look around them again. Second, thank you for all your great comments, I had so much fun reading through them and I loved seeing what people's favourites were.

So here goes...

The winner of: Diana's Polaroid Carnival Set which includes 3 gorgeous 5x5 prints of polaroid photos is... Micaela!

The winner of: an 8 x 10 print of Phebe's delightful Legs in the Sky print is... Adele!

The winner of: An 8 x 10 print of Sarah's beautiful Polaroid 640 in teal is... Alexis!

The winner of: a set of Cute n Boots darling polaroid pocket books portraying a time line of polaroid cameras is... Bklyn76!

Congratulations to all the winners - I will be contacting you shortly.

Happy weekend!

It's Friday and I'm blogging...

...this makes me incredibly happy!

(Inspired by the lovely Lauren at The Little Things We Do!)
It feels like ages since I blogged on a Friday, so here is a bumber edition of Lauren's fill in the blanks Friday from both this week and last week, hurray!

1. The first thing I do in the morning is hug Thomas and then go back to sleep whilst he gets up and potters around – I’m rubbish at getting up in the morning, I stay in bed as long as I can get away with.

2. Every night before bed I have to check the front door is locked at least 3 times…

3. My favorite thing to do when I'm having a bad day is cook. I’ve really started to enjoy cooking all of our food from scratch and its so therapeutic as well.

4. Something that makes me cringe is embarrassing humour. I can’t watch the office or meet the parents or anything like that… its just too embarrassing for me. I’ve only just started to appreciate Curb your Enthusiasm…

5. Social situations are my favourite, I’ve never been shy and I love to meet new people and chat.

6. I like to collect cameras… hurray!

7. Weekends are for relaxing – at least this weekend will be, I’m determined!


1. The strangest thing I've ever eaten was um, I don’t know to be honest... 2011 edit: Snail! Snail is strange.

2. My best friend is friends are my favourite people in the world – I’d be totally lost without them.

3. If I could live in a different era it would be the future because I’m excited about the possibilities, I obviously watched far too much star trek when I was little!

4. I like cats but I love puppies… I’m working on it…

5. If you only know one thing about me it should be I’m overly emotional when it comes to people and things I love.

6. My favorite book of all time is The Pawn of Propehercy by David Eddings – it opened my eyes to a science fiction and fantasy world and I haven’t looked back since.

7. The one beauty product I couldn't live without is concealer.

8. Blogging is my favourite pastime, its my little haven where I have the greatest blog friends, so much creative inspiration and I love it. Especially now my reader is organised and I can keep up with all your amazing blogs – I’m comment happy, hurray!
9. If I could star in a movie with any actor/actress I would want to work with Elizabeth Taylor when she was younger… she was absolutely stunning and had such presense.

10. One of the best feelings in the world is being happy with yourself… its such a tough place to reach and I don’t feel it everyday but when I do, it’s the best.

and just to complete my Friday here are some fabulous links that I've been saving up!
I love blogging :)

1. After yesterday's tape excitement I am loving all tape inspiration!
2. After yesterday's polaroid excitement, I am loving all polaroid's too!
3. Especially this polaroid engagement story, happy sigh
4. The only 'Keep Calm and...' poster I have ever really really wanted... I love it.
5. Some amazing 'things I love about spring' lists from Miss James and Janel.
6. Some amazing yellow love sent to me by Cassie.
Thanks Cassie, you made my day!!

Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend!
p.s. if anyone else sees any yellow links that I may have missed send them my way, I love them!