This past weekend...

Was relaxing, hurray!
I finally got my hair cut short, bought some more wool and consequently finished my first ever set of crochet granny squares (I'm hooked, ha), I even started connecting them together too, its awesome.
I also finally found clothing with birds on (it's a cute skirt and it was in a charity shop!) and I took my new double dip plastic camera by James Butler out for a spin and met a new cat friend in the process.
Hurray for relaxing weekends!
p.s. If you're interested in learning crochet (I only started a couple of weeks ago) this post by Alycia is a great starting point, it gave me the kick up the butt I needed to actually make something rather than talk about it, thanks Alycia!!
p.p.s. Nanna, I might take you up on those knitting lessons now :)