Around where I live

I haven't added to this series for a while but moving house earlier this year has me walking a lot more around the area and I even get to walk past Kirkstall Abbey every day too! I usually stop at the spot I took the photo below to admire it - it really is lovely in any weather or season!

I took the last photo as my husband loves cats and this one was looking so intently at something to the left that it made me chuckle that it didn't even notice me. Of course as I went to take the photo it finally realised I was there and gave me the stare you can see above haha. Cats huh.

Camera: Canon EOS 750
Film: Lomography CN 400


Photos of cats

I would say every other roll of film I take has a random photo of a random cat that I never really know what to do with when posting on here... so here they are in one glorious post for your viewing pleasure.

Camera: Canon EOS 750
Location: Mostly Leeds but the first was taken in Manchester - they have a cat cafe!