2012 Calendars ...

I've been planning these for a while but I'll be honest, my blog/selling photos confidence is pretty low at the moment, I sold one calender last year, but you never know right... someone might want one again and making them has kept me busy and out of trouble which is good.

I've put together one Paris b&w diana mini calender but I'm planning other Paris options, holga favourites, diana mini favourites - in fact you could always make requests if you want - I'm happy with anything and I have lots of photos... and I'm thinking I'll make them available for PDF download and printed this year too - as I always worry the post will suck. (It took a month for my last parcel to get to the US, not cool)

I've also decided to make these by request this year as I hate listing items on Etsy and then they just sit there and expire - it wastes my money and time. So if you're interested in one then please let me know either in a comment here or my email is rhiannelouise@gmail.com and I'll let you know the options that are available.

The calenders will be 5x7 size - 12 pages available in matt or glossy prints and cost £12 (about $20) plus postage. Or the PDF option, which I can email to you, will be £9 (about $15).

I hope that at least one person is as excited about these as I am and hopefully I might even hear from someone :)

Diana Adventures 2011 Calender...

{Image taken from Rose's post on R's Adventures}

You may have seen this already on Elle, Katrina or Rose's blog and honestly, I really wanted to share this with you last week as soon as I saw it but I knew it would be perfect to share this week so I restrained my excitement. (apart from a quick message on facebook...)

Diana Mini Adventures is a FREE calender featuring the gorgeous prints of three incredible photographers: Rose from R's Adventures, Elle from Diana Mini Love and Katrina from Pugly Pixel and their diana mini's. I didn't put together a diana mini calender myself this year so I was so excited to see how their prints look in calender format...

{these two images are from Katrina's post on Pugly Pixel}
as well as instructions in how to crop the calender once you've printed it.

I highly recommend that you do!

One last calender push...

Hey my lovelies! I know I've blogged about my shop alot lately - and I'm honestly as surprised about it as you are - who knew I would come to love it so much or even want to get my prints out there into the world as much as I do... So this is my last etsy shop push before christmas!

As it's now December - all my 2011 calenders are half price
now £7.50 or $12.02!!!

If you are an international shopper (I'm in the UK) then you'll need to get your orders in fast as the last dates to send in time for christmas and the new year is fast approaching.

Thank you again for your continuing support, it really means alot!