Diana Adventures 2011 Calender...

{Image taken from Rose's post on R's Adventures}

You may have seen this already on Elle, Katrina or Rose's blog and honestly, I really wanted to share this with you last week as soon as I saw it but I knew it would be perfect to share this week so I restrained my excitement. (apart from a quick message on facebook...)

Diana Mini Adventures is a FREE calender featuring the gorgeous prints of three incredible photographers: Rose from R's Adventures, Elle from Diana Mini Love and Katrina from Pugly Pixel and their diana mini's. I didn't put together a diana mini calender myself this year so I was so excited to see how their prints look in calender format...

{these two images are from Katrina's post on Pugly Pixel}
as well as instructions in how to crop the calender once you've printed it.

I highly recommend that you do!