A happy list...

This month my blog is 6 years old. 6 years! Sometimes it feels like nothing and other times - when I'm not in the mood - it feels like forever. I've not been the best blogger lately - in fact I'm a terrible blogger considering I've had 6 years to get 'good' at it ha... but I'm still here - still ticking over. Still sharing photos and occasionally too wordy posts.

One thing that has reminded me how old my little blog is is Naomi's happy list on her LoveTaza blog - I'm sure most of you are aware of Naomi now but 4/5 years ago her blog was still called Rockstar Diaries, her babies weren't around and she wrote her first happy lists that inspired me to do the same. 4 years ago!! A lot of things have changed with blogging in 4 years - a lot of things have changed with me in 4 years - but happy lists - happy lists are still amazing ha!

I still love my first ever happy list  (from 4 years ago peeps!) - puppies, colour changing lights (in fact oddly I went to a seminar yesterday about light and colour with colour changing lights - awesome!) and the beach always make me happy. But here's a new list :)

  1. Crochet projects - I honestly can't say how much I love doing some crochet pretty much everyday (see also yarn shops! My happy place)
  2. Touching my toes - odd I know but I ripped a muscle in my leg 15 years ago and my leg muscles have always been tight (thanks Dad!) so touching my toes every day is huge! See also Yoga ha. Yoga is awesome.
  3. Spring! Its so close, I can feel it - maybe I'll even pull a camera out this weekend who knows.
  4. Being an honorary auntie to one of my besties babies - I know its not the same as being an aunt but I love that kid (and probably spoil her with crochet things...) she doesn't know what to make of me yet though ha - I wouldn't either to be fair. Also her Mummy for sending me so many photos :) 
  5. Whatsapp - for keeping me in contact with my friends and family.
  6. Lipstick. Yup - I never thought I'd be a lippy person but pink(!) blusher and lipstick are my new go to look for occasions - it helps that the Rimmel Provocalips last all day! I recently tried this Bourjois one as well and it lasted a long time too :)
  7. Working in Leeds - going for walks around the city in my lunch, discovering new shops I didn't realise where there... it's so great. Sometimes I'm walking through town and I stop and think 'I'm in Leeds everyday, this is crazy!'. I can't wait to start taking photos around the city when the weathers better at lunch times.
  8. Pretty handbags.
  9. Instagram and Flickr - so many lovely photos!
  10. Going to bed after a long day - beds are the best.

If you're new here since last year (which a few of you are - HELLO!! ) - I celebrated 5 years of blogging with a free ebook about the 'Things no one tells you about blogging' - it's currently had slightly over 200 downloads which is awesome, so if you haven't read it out - please check it out - reading it again after not looking at it for a while has reminded me how proud of it I am :) turns out I sometimes know what I'm talking about ha!

Happy Friday everyone!