It's been snowing... a lot

If you live in the UK then you already know this and you're probably at the same point as me - the novelty is over ha! However before it wore itself out, I did what any other over excited person does when it snows and... took photos out of our window. Yup, I'm a wimp and wet and cold together is my least favourite thing, which includes snow. So out of the window it is!

I  took these photos with my new to me Minolta Dynax 300si which I bought before Christmas with a few other camera bodies that I still need to try out. I've really enjoyed using my Canon EOS 750 (as I'm sure some might have noticed) so I thought I would try out similar cameras and see how I find those. I was a little worried about the lens I bought for this camera as it seemed really dark to look through, but the results look completely fine. PHEW! I think I'll definitely take this camera out again now I know it and the lens work.

Camera: Minolta Dynax 300si
Film: Kodak Gold